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Sunlife: Charting a Sustainable Future with a CEO-Driven Strategy 

20th June 2024

On the 30th of May 2024, Sunlife was awarded the esteemed Sustainability Excellence Award at the Sustainable Tourism Mauritius Awards 2024.

Long Beach: A Journey Towards Sustainable Hospitality

20th June 2024

Welcome to Long Beach, where luxury meets sustainability. Our resort pioneers eco-friendly practices, from repurposing 20,000m³ of construction waste to nurturing biodiversity with 550,000 bees and two marine scientists...

Swinging Towards Sustainability: Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club’s Journey to GEO Certification

06th June 2024

Recently, the club added another feather to its cap by achieving the prestigious GEO Certification, underscoring its commitment to both golfing excellence and environmental stewardship.

Le Domaine de Labourdonnais: A Timeless Journey Through Mauritius’ Heritage

22nd May 2024

Le Domaine de Labourdonnais is a vibrant destination nestled in the north of Mauritius, a place that has existed for over 250 years. 

A Buzzing Celebration: World Bee Day with Sunlife

20th May 2024

World Bee Day is not just a celebration, but an homage to the tiny creatures that play a colossal role in sustaining life on Earth.

Sun, Sand, and Seamless Stays: Discover the Sunlife Mobile App

09th May 2024

With just a few taps on your phone, you can easily book a table at one of our hotel’s restaurants or schedule a spa session. Welcome to a holiday experience made simpler with the Sunlife Mobile App.