Our Vision, Purpose, and Values

The Vision, Purpose and Values defines the unique way we want to do things here at Sunlife. 

Our Vision

At Sunlife, we see a world where Kindness Shines

Going beyond friendship, being generous and caring and always showing warmth to others is what we call kindness. All this glowing of emotion, coming from within, like the sun exploding with light from its core, makes a world illuminated by affection, a world in which goodwill and compassion win over self-interest, or a world lit up by countless empathetic acts, towards guests but also towards our colleagues. 

Our Purpose

To Radiate the Magic of Mauritius

We want to emit energy, brightness and positivity, like the beautiful light and warmth of the sun itself, over our island's captivating qualities and irresistible local charm, its natural beauty, its wonderful wildlife, its deep and diverse fauna, its abundant and colourful flora, its rich history. 

Not to mention the melting pot of our people and our unique culture. 

Our Values

Love, Dreams, and Thoughtfulness

We want our guests to feel part of the Family, then it makes perfect sense that we value love. We wish them to feel Over the Moon, it makes equal sense for us to value their Dreams 

Finally, if we want people to feel really touched, then we must place a high value on the quality of thoughtfulness.

“With kindness, love and thoughtfulness, let’s radiate the magic of Mauritius "

François Eynaud, CEO