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Key features*

Effortless Booking & Pre-Check-In*

Book a room directly through our mobile app. For guests who have booked online via other platforms, you can expedite your check-in process by using the pre-check-in feature on our app. Simply enter your confirmation ID.

Discover Our Hotels*

Access comprehensive information about our resorts, including descriptions, restaurant details, contact information, check-in and check-out timings, and our unique collection of ‘Come Alive Experiences’.

Restaurant & Spa Reservations**

Within the in-stay view of our app, explore all available restaurants, bars, and spa facilities at your hotel. Browse through our food, drink, and spa treatment menus, and make reservations for your preferred date and time, for any number of guests.

In-Room Dining**

Enjoy the convenience of dining in your room. Browse our In-room Dining Menu, select your preferred items, customize them to your liking, and place your order directly from the app.

Real-Time Bill**

Keep track of your expenses during your stay with our real-time billing feature. All charges are instantly updated for your convenience. For a swift check-out process, you can even settle your bill directly from your phone.

Activities & Local Guide*

Discover a range of activities within and around the resort. Contact our concierge service through the app to plan your stay according to your interests.

*Features available before, during, and after your stay
**Features only available during your stay


I cannot download the app?

Check if there is sufficient free space on the mobile device. Also check that your phone software is updated.

I cannot login?

Use the ‘forgot password’ feature if password is forgotten. Alternatively Login with Google or Apple account.

How do I login quickly?

Use your Google or Apple account on the login page.

How do I add another device?

The new device should go on 'Connect My Phone' to scan the QR code available on the first registered phone in the 'Connect My Phone' section. Or, contact our Guest Service Agent who will gladly help you to activate your device / add another device.

I did not receive my verification email after signing up?

Check the junk/spam folder. Alternatively, use your Apple or Google account to login directly.

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