Embracing Bees and the Magic of Biodiversity Trail

26th June 2023

Step into the mystical realm of Mauritius, where vibrant blooms are caressed by the sun's gentle rays and the secrets of the island are whispered on the breeze. Within this enchanting backdrop, a tale of awe and sustainability unfolds. Despite their small size, bees wield an extraordinary impact on the delicate balance of our planet. Their graceful dance of pollination sustains the very fabric of life, weaving a tapestry of biodiversity. Join us on a captivating journey through the buzzing realms, where the warm glow of these remarkable creatures illuminates the path towards a harmonious coexistence with nature's wonders. 

In the delicate wings and industrious hum of bees lies a profound significance for our existence. As diligent pollinators, they play a vital role in facilitating the growth of countless fruits, vegetables, and flowers, supporting global food production and enhancing biodiversity. Bees are essential contributors to the intricate web of our ecosystems, ensuring the survival of diverse plant species and providing a habitat for other wildlife. Their critical role in sustaining our planet's beauty and abundance serves as a poignant reminder to cherish and protect these magical creatures who hold the key to a sustainable future. 

Amidst the growing awareness of their importance, Sunlife has wholeheartedly embraced the crucial mission of protecting bees. With a deep understanding of their significance, Sunlife has become true champions of these incredible creatures. Presently, the company proudly tends to 470,000 bees housed across ten hives, including five of them on the picturesque Ile aux Cerfs island. The additional five hives, accompanied by an observatory hive, can be found at Long Beach's Biodiversity Trail. We invite our guests to witness the magic first-hand.

The Biodiversity Trail at Long Beach offers a symphony of captivating activities. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bees through enchanting experiences that will leave you spellbound. Gain insight into their remarkable lives, witness the hive's bustling energy, and indulge in a delightful pastry adventure, crafting cereal bars infused with our golden honey. Buzzing with excitement, the Kids Club hosts Bee Days, where games, crafts, and captivating visits bring the enchantment of bees to life, all guided by the presence of their sustainability ambassador, Izzy the Bee. Moreover, throughout the resort, the magic of our honey shines through in tantalizing creations at the bar, pastry counter, and vibrant kitchens. 

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