A Buzzing Celebration:

World Bee Day with Sunlife

A Buzzing Celebration: World Bee Day with Sunlife

20th May 2024

Every year on May 20th, a buzz fills the air as communities worldwide unite to celebrate World Bee Day. This global event is not just a celebration, but an homage to the tiny creatures that play a colossal role in sustaining life on Earth. Join us at Sunlife as we embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of bees, filled with immersive experiences and engaging activities.

The Importance of Bees

In the delicate wings and industrious hum of bees lies a profound significance for our existence. As diligent pollinators, they play a vital role in facilitating the growth of countless fruits, vegetables, and flowers, supporting global food production and enhancing biodiversity. Bees are essential contributors to the intricate web of our ecosystems, ensuring the survival of diverse plant species and providing a habitat for other wildlife. Their critical role in sustaining our planet's beauty and abundance serves as a poignant reminder to cherish and protect these magical creatures who hold the key to a sustainable future.

Sunlife’s Mission

At Sunlife, we’ve embraced the mission of protecting bees with open arms. Our resorts are buzzing with life, housing 10 bee hives with around 50,000 bees per hives and one observatory hive in our lush gardens. We believe in co-existing with nature and contributing to the preservation of these extraordinary creatures. So much so that even our group mascot is a bee.

Do You Know Izzy the Bee?

Izzy the Bee is the charming face of Sunlife Kid’s Club. This vibrant yellow companion, crucial to the circle of life, is on a mission to lead our young guests on an enlightening adventure. This journey is designed to foster their critical thinking skills and nurture their bond with nature. Our little explorers can delve into the intriguing world of bees by visiting our bee hotel and peeking into an observatory hive. They can also immerse themselves in captivating storytelling sessions that unravel the mesmerizing lives of bees. At Sunlife, our primary aim is to kindle the spark of curiosity in the minds of the next generation. Izzy embodies this spirit of inspiration, not just for our young guests, but also for our employees. As the guardian of our overarching sustainability strategy, Izzy symbolizes our commitment to preserving nature and its extraordinary creatures.

Long Beach: A Hive of Activity

World Bee Day at Long Beach is a hive of activity. We offer a plethora of activities such as honey-collection workshops, honey-tasting sessions featuring our exquisite varieties, and fun-filled activities for all ages. Izzy the Bee, our beloved mascot, invites all guests to wander through The Biodiversity Trail. Here, you can explore the rich flora and fauna of Mauritius, including endemic trees such as the Ebony tree. So, come join us in this buzzing celebration and let’s pay tribute to the remarkable world of bees together.


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