Sunlife Children Cancer Trust

Sunlife Children Cancer Trust

Our Story

Our journey started in 2008 when a Sunlife employee’s child fell victim to cancer at the tender age of five. Touched by this tragic event, all employees came together and raised Rs. 8 million. This money was used to set up and expand the Sunlife Children’s Cancer Ward at Victoria Hospital, Candos, which is the only public ward on the island dedicated solely to children with cancer. This helped to break down the barriers to care, such as a lack of dedicated infrastructure, basic supplies, transportation, and emotional support.

With the support of our collaborators and fundraising events such as the Sunlife Charity Golf Competition, the Sunlife Children Cancer Trust has been able to make a positive impact on over a thousand lives in the past 15 years.


Ensure that every child with cancer has access to essential healthcare.


Improve the lives of children with cancer and their families in Mauritius through comprehensive care and support services.


Infrastructural Support

The Sunlife Children Cancer Trust invests in the infrastructural maintenance of the Children’s Cancer Ward at Victoria Hospital. We ensure that the child-friendly ward is a warm and welcoming space for the children and their parents. Despite limited access to the ward during the pandemic, we are committed to continuing our work in 2023-2024. We want to make a real difference by ensuring that the ward remains a safe and comfortable place for the children fighting cancer.

Transport Facilities

Transportation remains a barrier for many children trying to access treatment. Thus, the Sunlife Children Cancer Trust collaborates with ‘Link to Life’ and provides transport facilities for patients and their families to get to the hospital and back to their homes. By tackling this barrier, we ensure that all children have access to the care they need to fight cancer.

Educational Support

Due to ongoing treatments, children may be out of school for a while. To make sure that they are not cut off from education, the Sunlife Children Cancer Trust has provided tablets to 90 kids, with access to online educational platforms. Indeed, we have collaborated with Twinkl, an international online educational publishing house, to offer the kids access to high-quality educational content, giving them a better chance of achieving academically.


Going abroad for treatment can be tough for the kids as well as their families. Besides the financial challenge, the language barrier and homesickness can worsen the experience. So, we are working Ministry of Health and Wellness and local clinics to offer more treatment options locally. Together, we have set aside 1 million rupees to support kids on a case-to-case basis. Moreover, we are setting up a program to provide psychological support to children and their families at any time from diagnosis, throughout and beyond treatment. Additionally, we are excited to announce that we will be collaborating with the UN World Health Organisation on a research project to better understand the root causes of cancer in Mauritius. This project will benefit more than 10,000 families. 

Family Fun Day

The Sunlife Children Cancer Trust organises family fun days in Sunlife resorts to bring some happiness and give families a break from their routine. These events bring joy and laughter to the children’s lives and create lasting memories.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

By sponsoring the Sunlife Children Cancer Trust, you also make a positive impact on the UN SDGs. Indeed, several SDG targets are addressed, including:

  • Good health and well-being (SDG 3): improving the health and well-being of children with cancer and their families by funding overseas treatment programs, providing local advanced treatments, and supporting families with comprehensive care and emotional support.
  • Reduced inequalities (SDG 10): reducing inequalities by providing access to essential care and support services. Children with cancer and their families often face significant financial, emotional, and social challenges.
  • Partnerships for the goals (SDG 17): the Sunlife Children Cancer Trust has established partnerships with organisations and medical professionals to improve cancer care in Mauritius. By sponsoring the Trust's annual golf competition, sponsors can join in these partnerships and contribute to achieving the SDGs through collective action.

Donate Now

Your donation today will help us support children and their families through treatment and beyond.

Click here to donate or by bank transfer: SRL Cancer Trust (MCB Bank: 0000 1180 6427).

*Sunlife Charity Golf Competition

Since 2017, Sunlife has been organising the Sunlife Charity Golf Competition to support the Sunlife Children Cancer Trust. It's a wonderful opportunity for golf enthusiasts to come together and swing for a cause while raising funds and awareness for children with cancer. Sunlife is grateful for everyone who has supported the event over the years and helped make it a success.

Join us at the Sunlife Charity Golf Competition 2023 at Ile aux Cerfs on __ September 2023 and help us continue to make a positive impact in our community!

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